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Melhem Zein - Enti Mchiti / ملحم زين - انت مشيتي ‎

0 مشاهدة· 22 Jan 2022
زاجل فيديو
زاجل فيديو
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Melhem Zein - Enti Mchiti / ملحم زين - انت مشيتي ‎

Digital Distribution @WATARY

Subscribe to the official channel: http://bit.ly/3865F0x
Watary is a music production, licensing & distribution company for Arabic music, established by the management company Music Is My Life.
This record label, born at the right place and time, has addressed an enormous need on the Middle East Market especially that of procuring digital music content for the International Distributors, recently expanding in the MENA region as well as for the newly developed services regionally (Online Stores & Mobile Operators).

For booking dial +961 3 161817 لحجز حفلاتكم الاتصال

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